Sysiart by Paul Desson-Baxter

Sysiart is...

Hi I am Paul I am a Self taught dyspraxic artist, I specialise in Spray Paint, Acrylic, Acrylic Pour, Mixed media as well as upcycling various old household items into my art, I use the name sysiart or sysiartist as a way to reclaim my power as I was bullied for being male and creative, it took me a long time to realise that my art is good, and to get the confidence to carve out a place in the art world for myself, other self taught, and neurodiverse artists who lime myself don't fit the stereo type or the or the box that society tries to put us in.

As you will see I like bold colours, I incorporate the various pride flag colours into many of my pieces, and look to reuse waste created in my art in my mixed media pieces. As a dyspraxic artist my coordination isn't always great so I spend time adjusting artistic methods so that they can work for me, I also embrace the chaos that my lack of coordination can throw into my pieces, I hope you enjoy my work.

I take comissions, if you would like something made just for you please contact me by messaging or using the details on the contact page. :)

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